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为了响应世界市场对多元语言和多元文化的需求,OliveTree开设了语言学习项目。我们有高资质的老师为孩子开展语言学习课程,包括:英语、中文、西班牙语、法语、德语、韩语和日语。课程范围涵盖初学者内容 和具有一定能力的学习内容。我们的学生可以选择学习任意他们感兴趣的语言。 在这里,我们也为学生提供学术辅导——科学(物理,化学,生物),历史,经济学等等。 

In response to the needs of the world for multilingual speakers and multiculturalism, OliveTree runs a language centre with highly qualified tutors to develop language courses for children, which included English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Korean and Japanese. These courses are designed for every level. 

Apart from language tuition, we also provide students with academic tutoring in mainstream subjects.


Online essay writing

英 文 写 作 在 高 中NCEA考试跟大学学习中都占有举足轻重的地位,因此OliveTree为学生增设了写作辅导。这个项目包含两个部分,先进行在线辅导,再进行面对面辅导。 学生会收到一个话题邮件,老师会帮助他们拓展写作思路。尝试写作后,老师进行面对面辅导,帮助孩子提高写作能力。需要强 调的是,写作是以后高年级学习的一个重要部分。 

Essay writing is a big component in NCEA examinations and university studies. OliveTree has introduced an online essay writing course to help students who need support in this area. 
There are two components to this course - online assessment and face to face tutoring. Students are emailed one essay topic at the beginning of the week by the tutor with instructions and assignments. They have one week to complete it and send it back to the tutor who marks the essay and gives feedback in a face to face session.



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